Braids and Healthy Ends

How do I moisturize my hair while in Kinky Twists?
Advice: While wearing braids our main goal is to retain some, if not all, of our growth. Right? Well, leaving braids in for a few months is an excellent way to retain length, however; if not done correctly, it can do more harm than good!

When I used to wear braids, for 2-3months at a time, I was excited to relax my hair to see how long it grew, unfortunately my ends were always in bad shape resulting in me getting a massive trim. I then ended up where I started :( I never understood the problem until years ends were LACKING MOISTURE!!

While in braids, we often pay attention to the scalp because it's visible and it's been embedded within us that the scalp is the "most important" when it comes to hair care. Truth be told, we fail to realize that our ends (raveled in the braid) need the most care. Yes, the style is easy to maintain and yes you are giving your hair a rest, but you cannot neglect your hair underneath.

I'm a firm believer in moisturizing braids 2-3 times a day since the braid hair has a tendency to draw moisture from the hair (you have to work harder in putting moisture back into the hair). Make sure you saturate the braid from root to tip. Moisturize the length of the braid all the way down to where your hair ends, within the braid.

The best/easiest way to moisturize your braids is with a spray moisturizer (i.e. Scurl No Drip Activator, Sta Sof Fro Spray or Africa Best Braid Sheen Spray with Conditioner) or make your own (i.e. Water & Glycerin mixed with a moisturizing leave-in conditioner, Aloe Vera Juice, Glycerin & Coconut Oil) and put it in a spray bottle.

Don't forget to spray the length of the braid, not just the scalp. Protect and keep your hair underneath healthy!


Me + Vital Hair Mayo = No Longer Friends!

Yup, that's right. Sad but true.

Ever since I made the change to use a light protein conditioner weekly (2009), Vital Hair Mayo and I became best friends but as of late, we are just not getting along! SMH

I used this light protein conditioner weekly as a prepoo back in 2009. It made my hair fuller, stronger and hydrated. It never failed to give me that extra boost I needed. At the time, this conditioner really helped to keep my moisture/protein balance in check.

However, since the end of '09 'till now, this conditioner did a complete 360 on me :(. Whenever I use it, my hair feels coated with film, it appears to be very limp and mushy whether I clarify, use it alone or prior to a moisturizing DC. I find myself praying for the next wash day to come quick so I can wash my hair out. SMH. I still don't understand this. Am I the only one? :( This situation just goes to show how somethings in your regimen will never be stable. Be prepared to change and adapt quickly. Don't get too attached.

I've come to the conclusion that Vital Hair Mayo doesn't fortify my hair like it used to, if anything it feels like a moisturizing deep conditioner on my hair. I can't afford to have another moisturizing deep conditioner in my regimen (right now I have 4 staples). I'm terrified to go into moisture overload since that was one of the main reasons why my 2008 set back took place.

I gave it to my cousins, they can now benefit from it. We were good friends. It gave me what I needed at the time but we no longer have an understanding, so my hair needs have to be met elsewhere. There is another product in the picture that fulfills my needs on a weekly basis. It contains keratin in it and we all know that Keratin is the elite of proteins. With that being said, I will introduce my new lover in a future blog post. Stay tuned :)

FYI - Joico KPAK is still in my regimen.

I'm curious...Have you ever used a product for a period of time and then all of a sudden it just stopped working for you? Please let me know :)


Check out my Interview on

Here is a little snippet:

Tell me about your Creme of Nature (CON)/Essence experience?

Wow, what can I say. I'm still in shock. I'm feeling a whole bunch of emotions at once but I can honestly say that I'm grateful and appreciative to have experienced something so monumental. Never did I think I would be in an ad especially in Essence. This is my first appearance in a magazine period. My family is really proud and I'm still on cloud 9 :-)

How did you get selected to endorse them?

Their marketing team reached out to me. They knew I loved CON products (via blogs, videos etc.), shortly after I took some head shot photos and ended up in Essence magazine.

What do you love so much about CON products?

Honestly, they just agree with my hair type and texture. I have very coarse resistant hair and I find that CON products really help to make my hair more manageable, smooth and hydrated whether I'm just relaxed or 10-13 weeks post relaxer. Their products are affordable and widely available.

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Are You Experiencing Scalp Burns? Irritation? Itchiness? Dandruff?

Let's admit, scalp issues are the worst and it can be quite embarrassing sometimes. No one likes to see dandruff flakes on their clothes, relaxer burns on the scalp feel horrible and not to mention itching your scalp vigorously in public is not a pleasant sight...I'm just saying.

There is a natural ingredient that can help soothe the scalp, stimulate hair growth, it is safe, natural and affordable. Those who suffer from those symptoms listed above, listen up!

The answer you've been looking for is Aloe Vera Juice!

What does it do?

This natural remedy has superb healing properties both internally and externally. It's known to heal wounds, fade scars, cure digestion problems, promote growth, calm the scalp, heal sunburns etc. The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe are wonderful for inflamed follicles. With that being said, this is an excellent topical treatment to aid in the healing process of relaxer burns/scabs on the scalp. It helps to soothe any burning or itching sensation. Aloe Vera, consistently applied on the scalp, can cure/prevent dandruff. In as little as 1-3 weeks, you should begin to notice your hair retaining more moisture, a cool/calm scalp, no itching, less shedding and a slight increase in thickness.

How can I use it?

You can use Aloe Vera Juice in a variety of ways i.e. prepoo (leave the Aloe Vera juice in your hair overnight mixed with oils such as olive, avocado or coconut for extra conditioning then put your hair in a shower cap. In the morning, rinse well, shampoo and/or condition) or add the juice to your deep conditioner (2-3 tbsp).

I recommend using it in the form of a spritz. Fill up a spray bottle with Aloe Vera juice to approx. 75% and the remaining 25%, fill that up with water. Massage the mixture directly yet gently into the scalp. Use this spritz at night directly on your scalp (section by section) and on your hair if you desire (just make the hair damp not wet). Then you can proceed to moisturize and seal. Remember to store this mixture in the refrigerator.The soothing fresh feeling of Aloe Vera juice on the scalp will feel fantastic! Say goodbye to your itchy, irritated or relaxer burned scalp. For dandruff, you can mix the Aloe Vera juice with an essential oil i.e. peppermint oil, tea tree oil etc. for faster relief. Reapply if necessary.

Where can I find it?

You can find Aloe Vera Juice at Walmart, GNC, or your local health food store.